Treat Yourself to: Publishing Success Stories - Secrets and Tips from Authors & Illustrators

The Children's Book Academy's Gift to You:

This was a wonderful Webinar/Training with Success Stories and Tips and Publishing Secrets

Now it's a Movie-Going Kidlit Experience

Because so many of our students have been published or contracted, we thought it might be super helpful for others to learn about their work, their craft, and their secrets and tips for publishing success.


You will learn:

How to find your dream agent

How to perfect your pacing

How to write and illustrate for diversity and kid appeal

How to work with your editor before and after the acquisitions process

How to make a magical dummy

And how to find your super power among other juicy topics

From generous big-hearted creatives like: Jannie Ho, Melissa Stoller, Kim Chaffee, Jeanette Bradley, Shirin Shamsi, Vivian Kirkfield, Nancy Churnin, Leah Henderson, Sanne Dufft, Sherry Hyberger Howard, Miri Leshem Pelly, Pauline Tso, Jorge and Megan Lacero, Lisa Katzenberger, and Sarah Momohara Romero

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